Personalized Pet Placemats

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Get a little wild with these fun prints! 

These mats are available in 2 sizes: 10"x14" & 12"x18".

• Keep your pet happy and your floor clean!
• Display your dog's name and personality on your furry friend's personalized placemat.
This mat adds a generous flash of decor! Set your dishes on the mat or place the mat in front of the bowls, so that your pet can stand in comfort while gobbling their food.

*Print is on one side, back is a solid white.*

Great floor decoration for under pets bowls.

Durable and professionally printed on a plastic material with an overlay of laminate to protect image. Wipes clean and can be washed in the sink (do not put in dishwasher).

  • Great for holding water and food bowls
  • Wipes Easily
  • Super Fun Prints
  • Floor Decorations