Rainbow Sensory Floor Circle Decals - Number 1-10

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Circle Sensory Floor Stickers are great to add to any playroom, hallway, classroom, waiting room, hallway, etc.

Each circle is 11" and will have a number inside each circle- you select the background color.  

Professionally designed and printed - NO layered vinyls or use of Cricut machine vinyls. Premium quality vinyl commercial grade.

Get kids moving with our Floor Decals!

- Easy to install – No professional installation required
- Perfect for hallways, game rooms, classrooms and more
- Bright & Fun – Helps improve gross motor sensory skills, focus and more
- Non-slip & durable – Our decals can sustain quite a bit of foot traffic
- Leaves no residue behind

AVOID dragging any objects over the decals as it may damage the product.

Our decals are easy to install, you simply peel and stick to a smooth surface floor (these will not stick to carpet or rugs.)

The decals are very low maintenance.
Yes, you can wash your floors with the decals BUT it has to be a light wash (no scrubbing) and no harsh chemicals.

To remove them, simply peal a corner slowly and then remove.
Even with the strong adhesive, they leave no residue behind.

NOTE: the longer you leave them on the floor, the harder the hold of the glue.
It may leave a slight residue if left for a long period of time but it can be easily removed with soap and water.

Once you place your order, Heather will e-mail you for the colors you'd like and which letters you'd prefer.